• Who Trusts Case Closed Software™?

    Case Closed Software is used by investigative agencies in the U.S. and beyond. Our customers include U.S. Federal Departments, State Investigative Bureaus, Gang and Drug Task Forces, Local Law Enforcement, and Prosecution Offices.
    Here's just a sample...

Bronx (NY) 
District Attorney

The Bronx DA Office in New York has approximately 50 investigators using Case Closed Software to manage all investigations from initiation to court.

Redondo Beach 
Police Department

The City of Redondo Beach Police Department in California uses Case Closed Software as a key part of their Criminal Investigations Division.

Pleasant Hill
​Police Department

The City of Pleasant Hill (IA) Police Department uses Case Closed Software to manage all of their Property and Evidence.

Tulsa County
​Sheriff's Office

Tulsa County (OK) Sheriff's Office uses advanced analytics from Case Closed Software to help recognize patterns, and solve criminal cases faster.

Federal Motor Carriers Safety Admin.

FMCSA's Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is the investigative bureau of the US Department of Transportation. This large group of investigators focuses on everything from smuggling to cases of human trafficking, using Case Closed as the backbone. 

Palm Beach County
​Tax Collector

The Palm Beach County Constitutional Tax Collector (PBCTAX) is responsible for collection of business taxes across the County. PBCTAX uses Case Closed  to manage investigations and collections of Tourist Development Taxes and local business taxes.

Livingston County
​Drug Task Force

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office Task Force comprises a whopping 17 towns and 16 villages in New York State. Using one simple, affordable tool to track investigative tasks across such a wide range of jurisdictions is why the county selected Case Closed.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

ALEA is Alabama's State Bureau of Investigation. With over 200 investigators working on major criminal cases across the entire state, ALEA uses Case Closed for end-to-end investigation management and drug task force administration.

Dept. of Revenue

The State of Georgia Department of Revenue uses Case Closed Software for all investigations into tax fraud and other revenue-based investigations.

Hawkins County (TN)
​Sheriff's Office 

Hawkins County (TN) utilizes Case Closed Software to power their CID Unit, stay organized, and to ensure proper process.

City of Lilburn
​Police Department

The City of Lilburn (GA) Police Department enjoys the power of Case Closed Software to more effectively manage investigative cases.

Takoma Park (MD)
​Police Department

Takoma Park MD is part of the greater Baltimore area and uses Case Closed Software to manage serious and major cases from start to finish.