• Features and Benefits of Case Closed

    Investigation management professionals around the world face a tremendous challenge in an era of digital data mixed with old school police work. Handling multiple investigations with mountains of evidence in varying formats, simultaneously requires a robust and proven solution.

All of the following features of Case Closed Software are available to customers who either want to deploy our powerful software onsite, or those who want to utilize our secure, CJIS compliant cloud-based solution. Case Closed Software is truly feature-rich!

Case Closed Software

Case Management 

  • Track Cases and Case Actions
  • Evidence and Chain-of-Custody
  • De-Conflict Entities across Cases
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Case Visualization
  • Statutes and Charges
  • Document Management
  • Manage Informants and Gangs
  • Handle all Multimedia Types
  • Set Case Reminders
  • Entities of Interest Management
  • Task Management
  • Tips and Leads Management
  • Plan Special Operations
  • Approvals Workflow


Full ad-hoc Reporting, plus:

  • Performance Reports
  • One-Button 'Grant' Reports
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Aging Case Reports
  • Complete Audit Log
  • Property Inventory Reports
  • Time Spend Reporting
  • Regional Reports
  • Case Type Reports
  • Upcoming Court
  • Upcoming Training
  • ... and much more


  • CJIS Agreements
  • Security Addendums
  • FBI Background Checked
  • Level 4 CJIS Certified
  • Security
  • Encryption
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Access Controls
  • User-Based Roles & Permissions
  • Case Confidentiality