• Features and Benefits of Case Closed

    Investigation management professionals around the world face a tremendous challenge in an era of digital data mixed with old school police work. Handling multiple investigations with mountains of evidence in varying formats, simultaneously requires a robust and proven solution.

All of the following features of Case Closed Software are available to customers who either want to deploy our powerful software onsite, or those who want to utilize our secure, CJIS complaint cloud-based solution. Case Closed Software is truly feature-rich!


Manage and track cases from start to finish, including court status, disposition, charges, images, defendants and much more. A couple of clicks and you can email your entire case file. All case documents will automatically attach to the email and ready to go.


This module holds all of your Statutes and tracks all related charges for all defendants. Attach charges to persons, track arrest information, manage court status, court dispositions. Manage documents and images related to any charge.

Incidents and Actions

The heartbeat of the system. Record all Case Actions and Incidents in this module such as Crime Scene details, Interviews, Trash Pulls, Search Warrants, Buys, Surveillance, etc. Within each Case Action, attach Persons, Vehicles, Locations, Images, and Notes. 

Tasks and Messages

Works hand in hand with Case Actions. Set and assign tasks related to cases or case actions. Send and receive internal messages among all investigators for full collaboration.

Mobile App

Use our Case Closed Mobile App to create and update cases, work on Case Actions and associated reports, follow up on tasks and tips, and send messages wherever you are.
Use the microphone feature on your smart device and dictate information or notes in real time.

Time Management

Record all your time spent on a Task, Incident and/or Case. Reports can be generated based on time cost for an investigation. Generate full case timelines with one click.

Tips Management

Track all incoming tips for a case and automatically assign to an agent for follow up. Generate a task for the assigned investigator with the click of a button. All Tips are indexed within Case Closed Software and are fully searchable on any device.


Securely manage confidential informants (CIs), track interactions, and manage any payments on the spot. The identity of CIs remain confidential to all but designated personnel. Run reports based on your informants’ activities.

Master Vehicles

A master database of all vehicles maintains key information on all vehicles across cases. Entering new vehicles is simple with our build-in VIN decoder. A complete history is maintained, including owners, vehicle color, tag number, etc,  Agents can search on any field to quickly find a vehicle and all related activity.

Master Persons

The master persons database maintains information on all individuals and businesses associated with all cases. Documents and images are easily attached, and persons can be linked to gangs, cases, charges, vehicles and addresses. Investigators always have a complete and up-to-date dossier at hand.

Master Locations

The master locations database maintains information about all locations and addresses across all cases. Entering a new address is simple with our integrated Google Address validation. Lat/Long is automatically calculated for each location, and all addresses can be tied to persons, businesses, and cases.

Case Files

Attach all your pertinent documents and multimedia to your cases or case actions. Manage all of your case documents from one location. You can even watch your taped and recorded interviews from within Case Closed. A wide range of file types are supported including Microsoft® files, audio, video, PDF, and much more.


Case Closed Report Writer provides agencies with powerful ad hoc reporting capabilities. This module allows you to analyze and view the data you collect in our investigative case management suite.

Case Reminders

Set reminders about past due tasks, upcoming court, case or incidents to review, aging cases, un-read messages and training courses due. These reminders can be sent via email or SMS text. You can schedule these reminders to run daily, weekly etc.

Intelligence Database

Case Closed Software includes a secure, searchable repository of the agency’s intelligence data. Intelligence may be related to cases as appropriate and can be configured for compliance with Code of Federal Regulation 28 Part 23. 

Remote Review

Allows investigators to create read-only remote access to their case file. The authorized person can watch and listen to audio and video files. Additionally, the user can correspond with the case agent through our secure messaging system.

Investigation Analytics

Use our integrated link analysis software to visualize and discover hidden relationships, connections, and patterns among people, places, and events. Easily see how cases are connected within the entire case file system.

Gang Database

GangBuster™ is a comprehensive gang module that tracks gangs, members, associates, gang events, gang marks and more. Included is a web based interface for outside agencies to have the ability to add and search gang related information.

Property & Evidence

Case Closed Evidence provides chain-of-custody, and allows you to track property, evidence and assets to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your evidence room. Eliminate paperwork and save evidence room officers hours of labor.

Forms Management

Upload and access all of your PDF forms from within Case Closed. Fillable PDFs can be opened and attached to cases with ease. Link form fields directly to the Case Closed database to auto populate your documents and safe time.

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