• Case Closed GangBuster™

    Used in conjunction with the full Case Closed offering or as a standalone solution for investigating gangs and gang activities, Case Closed GangBuster is a fully-featured gang database for task forces, gang units and other investigation teams.

Case Closed GangBuster includes all of the features of our industry-leading investigation case management platform, and has specific functionality for Gang Units and Task Forces. If you work with gangs, organized crime, or other organizational threats, this system is a must!

Gangs and Organized Crime

GangBuster™ allows users to manage as many distinct gangs as needed. Track gang locations, hierarchy, indicators, territories, bias and motivation, and more. Persons, Locations, and Vehicles can be associated to gangs and gang members.

Approval Process

To avoid mis-use of the tool, a certified investigator can be required to review the findings before labeling or associating gangs and members. 

Gang Members

When associating members to gangs, users go through a proven points-based admission system. A member can be assigned a unique type such as 'Member’, ‘Associate’, or 'Hangaround'. GangBuster even includes automated purging. 

Searching & Reporting

Search on any field or combination of fields to quickly access the data you are looking for. In addition, GangBuster includes an ad-hoc report writer. Quickly print a list of members for a particular gang, or print all gang members and group them by the gang affiliate.

Gang Events

GangBuster makes it easy to track gang activities such as rallies, funerals, or gatherings. Gang Events are attached to Dates and Locations for easy intelligence dissemination to investigators and front line officers.

Multi-Jurisdictional Use

Because GangBuster is browser-based, outside jurisdiction can add data and query the system from any device. All users are restricted by a full permission grid that ensures data is not put into the wrong hands.