• Multi-Jurisdictional Case Management

    Knowing where EVERY investigation stands, where EVERY piece of evidence is located, and what EVERY agent is working on is 

    vital to multi-jurisdictional investigation units.

Investigation software that crosses borders!

Collecting, storing, and disseminating investigative information is difficult enough in any complex investigation unit. Imagine the compounded problems of investigating cases in multiple jurisdictions, across different countries, in multiple languages, with multiple sets of rules and case workflows!

Multi-Jurisdictional Case Management


Only Case Closed Software supports cross-jurisdictional investigations by supporting multiple agencies, multiple workflows, multiple operating procedures, multiple locations, and multiple roles... all safely and securely sharing the same underlying data. Completely unique.


Case Closed Software supports dozens of languages through a unique translation interface. The software interface can be configured to accommodate any region, and all notes and comments are translated in real time to other authorized users in other geographies.


Storing and managing physical evidence across jurisdictions can be a nightmare. With Case Closed Software, all inventory is tracked by unique location for full chain of custody and secure evidence management.


Different agencies operate uniquely within a multi-jurisdictional investigation unit. Case Closed Software allows each region/agency to utilize their own localized workflow for approvals, permissions, and compliance.


Task Forces and Multi-Jurisdictional Investigation Units often do more than just investigate crimes. Community Outreach programs like Education, Public Awareness,  and Crime Prevention are all key elements of the work.  Case Closed Software records all public outreach activities

Other Multi-Jurisdictional Features of Case Closed Software

Track Case Actions and Supplemental Reports

Tips and Leads

Plan Special Operations

Build dossiers on People, Places, and other Entity Types

Criminal Intelligence

Cross-Case Reporting and Searching

Work with Confidential Informants

Perform Remote Case Reviews

Track Gangs and Organized Crime

Collaborate Internally or with Outside Agencies