• Case Closed Software™
    Narcotics and Investigation Task Forces

    Different teams, different locations, different policies. One objective.
    Case Closed Software™ for Multi-Jurisdictional and Narcotics Investigation Task Forces has you covered. 

Operating an Investigation Task Force

Operating an investigation task force, particularly those that are multi-jurisdictional in nature, can be frustrating and difficult. Different agencies have different polices. Different users speak different languages. Reporting structures. Communications. Case Reviews. It's not for the weak of heart.

Welcome Case Closed Software™ for Investigation Task Forces!

Case Closed Software is the only investigation management platform built specifically for task forces and multi-jurisdictional investigations. The system is designed to accommodate geographical, procedural, jurisdictional, and communicative boundaries. 

Features of Case Closed Software for Investigation Task Forces

Decentralized Cases

Manage and track task force cases from start to finish, including court status, disposition, charges, images, defendants and much more. A couple of clicks and you can email your entire case file. All case documents will automatically attach to the email and ready to go.


Irrespective of the number of partner agencies in your task force, charges and statutes are fully managed within Case Closed Software.
When charges are filed by one participating member, the information is shown across the system to all permissioned users!

Incidents and Actions

Record all Case Actions and Incidents in this module, and instantly share them with your task force partners.

Crime Scene details, Interviews, Trash Pulls, Search Warrants, Buys, Surveillance, etc. Track them all across your task force. 

Tasks and Messages

Communication and collaboration across jurisdictions can be a nightmare. With Case Closed Software, though, tasks, reminders, and requests are all handled through a single interface. Never let important work fall through the cracks again.

Entity De-Confliction

Dealing with agent data from across jurisdictions can lead to duplication or, worse, missed investigative leads or follow-up opportunities.
Case Closed Software provides 
Entity De-Confliction designed to alert agents when People, Places, or other Entity Types are cross-tagged.

CJIS Certified

Case Closed Software adheres to strict policies designed specifically to comply with CJIS Standards. 
Strong Encription, 2 Factor Authentication, and robust Security Protocols are delivered with Detailed Contracts for the CJIS Security Policy & IACP Principles on Cloud Computing.

Realtime Translation

Translated into over a half dozen languages already, Case Closed Software allows agents to enter notes in their selected language. Other users will see the case file information in the language of THEIR choice. Powerful for global teams, and a MUST for international investigations.

Support and Service

Nobody in the industry takes customer support more seriously than
Case Closed Software. From ongoing training, to software support, and customized reports and input screens, we deliver everything needed to make your on-boarding and delivery process as seamless as it should be.

If this is looks familiar...

... Case Closed Software™ may be right for you!