• Our CJIS-Compliant
    ​Ultra Secure Cloud Platform

Benefits of our Case Closed Cloud


Security and Federal Compliance

Case Closed Cloud, in partnership with CJIS Solutions, LLC, fully complies with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard. All of our Case Closed Cloud customers receive signed CJIS security agreements, and facilitate any requested background checks per the CJIS Security Policy. All Case Closed Cloud employees with either physical or logical access to your system have undergone FBI background checks with fingerprinting, and are fully CJIS trained and certified.

Case Closed Cloud's customers are taking advantage of our ultra secure cloud services to improve the protection and security of data, using our advanced services including anti-virus, backups, encryption, firewalls, multi-factor authentication and more. Case Closed Cloud's policies adhere to a stringent CJIS Workbook in a security plan template format aligned to the CJIS Policy Areas.

For more information on Case Closed Cloud and CJIS, please contact us below.

Why use Case Closed Cloud?

Low Cost of Entry

With Case Closed Cloud™, agencies pay only for what they need, without having to buy hardware to host new case management software. Instead of provisioning internal resources to install the software, we perform much of the work to get the software working.

Reduced Time to Benefit

In the Cloud model, the Case Closed Software application is already installed and configured. Users can provision the server for the cloud and quickly have the application ready for use. This cuts the time to benefit and has investigators closing cases more quickly.

Rapid Prototyping & Free Trial

Case Closed Software offers qualifying agencies free, no obligation trials which provide a robust discovery phase to prove the benefit to the organization. Use a free trial of Case Closed Cloud as a proof of concept for management


Case Closed Cloud software gives you the benefit of predictable costs. Agencies pay for only the resources they utilize, with a clear understanding of all fees, even as your requirements grow.

Automatic Updates

Since the software is hosted by Case Closed, we own the responsibility for maintaining the software and upgrading it, ensuring that it is reliable and meeting agreed-upon service level agreements, and keeping the application and its data secure.

Work Anywhere

Since the software is hosted in the cloud and accessible over the internet, investigators can access it via mobile devices wherever they are connected. This includes checking case statuses, reports, messages, tasks, evidence, and everything else.