• Investigation Management Software
    for Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Units

    Built together with San Diego's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Case Closed Software™ automatically processes NCMEC Cybertips for fast and efficient triage. Usernames, CSAM, IP Addresses, and all other relevant content is auto-populated into the system, saving countless hours of investigation work!

Thousands of Tips, Victims, and Images. It's overwhelming.
​Case Closed Software™ can help.

ICAC Units and Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces receive hundreds and thousands of tips every single day. Tips usually come in the form of PDF files and other multimedia which must be manually reviewed prior to launching an investigation.

With each tip comes a host of perpetrator usernames, IP addresses, suspect information, ISP details, and so much more. To say the problem is overwhelming is an understatement. 

“Case Closed Software allows our ICAC task force to efficiently triage NCMEC CyberTips and to control, direct, organize, review, and track our multi-agency investigations into child abuse and exploitation.


This software is a must-have for ICAC units!”


Commander G. Nugent

San Diego PD ICAC Task Force

Here's how Case Closed Software for ICAC Units can help!

Case Closed Software for ICAC is a powerful tool that can help law enforcement professionals combat online child predators more effectively. The software offers several features that can streamline the handling of CyberTips from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), enabling law enforcement professionals to prioritize and investigate cases with greater precision and effectiveness.

The software allows for the efficient categorization of CyberTips received from NCMEC, ensuring that each tip is promptly reviewed and acted upon. The system also facilitates the seamless organization and tracking of investigations, making it easier for law enforcement agencies to manage their ICAC caseloads.

Through systematic ingestion of CyberTips, Case Closed Software populates the database with all associated Usernames, IP Addresses, Suspects, Electronic Service Providers, and all other key entities within the CyberTip.  The system also auto-alerts analysts if/when entities in a CyberTip match those that have been previously processed.

The system includes the triage functionality, along with robust multi-jurisdictional investigation case management for tracking cases, entities, evidence, multimedia, intelligence, and supplemental reports. Nothing else comes close.

No unzipping files. No combing through lengthy PDF files looking for the involved entities. No opening attachment after attachment to view content. Case Closed Software makes it simple. Save the NCMEC CyberTip to our secure cloud system and start working the case. 

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Quickly Triage CyberTips 

Case Closed Software has patent-pending technology to auto-process Cybertips. Understand the tip quickly to determine if it warrants investigation.

Automatic Deconfliction

Know immediately if a new Tip or Case matches one already in Case Closed. Match on usernames, IP addresses, suspect ID, and so on. Great for linking cases!

Unlock Bottlenecks

Affiliates without permissions to download a CyberTip can still access the relevant CSAM or CSAI in the uber secure cloud WITHOUT downloading.

Manage all Tip and Case Types

Case Closed Software is not restricted to NCMEC. Cases from any source can be accommodated and can be easily categorized as CSAM, Sextortion, and so on.

Truly Multi-Jurisdictional

Case Closed Software is designed for multi-jurisdictional task forces. Each unit can have their own rules, admins, and SOPS, and cases can be assigned locally.

Powerful Reporting

With Case Closed Software, ICAC managers can quickly run either standard or ad hoc reports to determine case load, case types, regions, arrests, seizures, and everything else! Reports are a breeze.

Case Closed Software for ICAC is a true game-changer for your unit.
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