• Investigation Management for Fugitive Recovery

    Chasing fugitives around the state, county, or globe requires serious organization. Tracking people, locations, vehicles, statements, videos, documents... it can be overwhelming! 

For Fugitive Recovery Experts, Skip Tracing is helpful. OSINT is important.
But ​Case Closed Case Management Software is Critical.

Fugitive Recover Experts (or Bounty Hunters) provide an important public service by apprehending an estimated 30,000 fugitives each year. Each recovery, though, involves multiple persons, locations, vehicles, and more. Keeping track of individual bail amounts, forfeiture dates, bond numbers, court cases, and potential threats can be overwhelming - especially when time is of the essence! 

That's where Case Closed Software for Fugitive Recovery can help.

"The key to a successful fugitive recovery business is using software that is built for the industry, and keeps every investigation organized. We are huge proponents of Case Closed Software for Fugitive Recovery. It keeps us ahead of our fugitives, and believe that every company should be using it!"

Kevin Corson - Founder and GM, Idaho Bonding Company Inc.

Case Closed Software for Fugitive Recovery helps you stay organized by tracking Bond #'s, Court Cases, Forfeitures, Threats, Bail Amounts, Suspects, Bond Dates and much more.

Additionally, Case Closed Software makes it a breeze to track all of the people, places, and things related to your investigation and recovery. Everything is securely stored and easily retrieved when wanted.

Case Closed Software even helps you track all of your actions. Talk to the suspect's girlfriend? All the notes or recordings are there. Surveillance on the mother's house? All the photos, notes, and video are securely stored.

Here's how Case Closed Software for Fugitive Recovery can help!


You don't work in an office. With Case Closed Software, you don't have to. No matter where you are, users can create and update cases, work on case actions and associated reports, follow up on tasks and tips, and send messages.
Use the microphone feature on your smart device and dictate information or notes in real time.

Staying Organized

Track ALL of the entities (people, places, vehicles, groups, etc) in your investigation. All statements, photos, videos and other files are securely kept in the system for easy access so you never lose track of an important piece of evidence again.
Have some notes on your suspect's girlfriend's mother's coworker? They'll always be there for you in Case Closed Software.

Tips Management

Track all incoming tips for a case and automatically assign to an agent for follow up. Generate a task for the assigned investigator with the click of a button. 
Do away with the cocktail napkins. Case Closed Software ensures that Tips are safe and usable. Tips are indexed within Case Closed Software and are fully searchable on any device.

Tracking Efforts

Pulling public records, performing OSINT, and Skip Tracing activities are all part and parcel of what fugitive recovery agents do.
Now, finally, keep all of that information in one single, easy to use database - Case Closed Software for Fugitive Recovery. Forget about grabbing stacks of paper as you run out the door. Case Closed Software comes with you!


Assign tasks and reminders to yourself or others, so you never forget or misplace any of your important actions. 
Is your suspect expected to be in church two Sundays from now? Set a reminder or assign an Agent. Case Closed Software will make sure you remember.


With one click, Case Closed Software for Fugitive Recovery can create a printable visualization of your case and intelligence.
Understand visually how your suspect interacts with people, places, and other entities. Drill down into data directly from the visualization tool. All easily done in Case Closed Software. 


Working with CI sources is an important part of the work a fugitive recovery specialist does. 
With Case Closed Software, you can securely manage confidential informants, track interactions, and manage any payments on the spot. The identity of CIs remain confidential to all but designated personnel. .

Refer Cases Out

Case Closed Software for Fugitive Recovery uniquely allows Cases to be referred to jurisdictional partners with ease.
Has your suspect fled the state(s) you work within? Refer the file to a partner with ease, and share as much information as you like. Case Closed Software works beyond borders!

Case Closed Software™ for Fugitive Recovery is a true game-changer. Contact us now for your demo!